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This website is still under construction, if you feel the shipping cost seems higher then would be expected, send me a message with what you ordered, along with your zip code, and I can check on the shipping to make sure it is correct. 

Hummer Humvee Parts For Sale

New Old Stock, Great Prices

I Save...You Save. Hummer/Humvee/HMMWV/ H1        Parts For Sale!

I have a confession to make. I am a Hummer/Humvee Addict! I bought my first Hummer, an H1 a couple of years ago and it's been escalating from there. Now I am the proud owner of two more Humvee's.

I couldn't stop there. I started working on them and improving the look and function of them, both inside and out. I spend hours a day on the internet, searching, researching, and buying parts!

I soon found out that I could buy lots of parts at a lower price then if I only bought the one or two that I actually needed. So I started buying in bulk. Now I buy 50, 100...okay 16,000 of a certain item. I told you I was addicted!

Then I enlisted the help of my trusted assistant to clear out my extra inventory. We can pass the savings on to you. So browse our sale items and come back often. New items are constantly being added after a hard day of internet shopping!

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